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How the USF impacts your VoIP business

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Here is the chapter list: 

Chapter 1:  What the Federal Universal Service is and why it was created

Chapter 2:  Who pays for the USF (Universal Service Fund)

Chapter 3:  VoIP service providers contributions to the USF

Chapter 4:  What is PIU and how does it affect you

Chapter 5:  What is “safe harbor” for VoIP services

Chapter 6:  How to reduce USF contributions for your business

Chapter 7:  Cost savings through a theoretical PIU analysis case study

Chapter 8:   Learn more about how and why this legislation affects your UCaaS business. 

You could retain a huge percentage of revenue by calculating your actual Percentage of Intrastate / International Usage vs. the FCC’s mandated Safe Harbor percentage which is often much higher than your actual percentage. 

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